Perirhinal Cortex Publications

High-Resolution Investigation of Memory-Specific Reinstatement in the Hippocampus and Perirhinal Cortex

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Perirhinal-Hippocampal Connectivity during Reactivation Is a Marker for Object-Based Memory Consolidation

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The ups and downs of repetition: Modulation of the perirhinal cortex by conceptual repetition predicts priming and long-term memory

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Object unitization and associative memory formation are supported by distinct brain regions.

Staresina B.P., & Davachi L. (2010). Journal of Neuroscience, 30(29), 9890-9897.

Perirhinal and parahippocampal cortices differentially contribute to later recollection of object-and scene-related event details.

Staresina B.P., Duncan K.D., & Davachi L. (2011). Journal of Neuroscience, 32(24) 8739-8747.

Selective and shared contributions of the hippocampus and perirhinal cortex to episodic item and associative encoding

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The role of medial temporal lobe in item recognition and source recollection of emotional stimuli.

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Item, context and relational episodic encoding in humans

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Differential encoding mechanisms for subsequent associative recognition and free recall.

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Multiple routes to memory: distinct medial temporal processes build item and source memories.

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