Retrieval Publications

Temporal binding within and across events

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Trial-by-Trial Hippocampal Encoding Activation Predicts the Fidelity of Cortical Reinstatement During Subsequent Retrieval

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High-Resolution Investigation of Memory-Specific Reinstatement in the Hippocampus and Perirhinal Cortex

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Associative Encoding and Retrieval Are Predicted by Functional Connectivity in Distinct Hippocampal Area CA1 Pathways.

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Memory’s penumbra: Episodic memory decisions induce lingering mnemonic biases.

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Evidence for area CA1 as a match/mismatch detector: A high-resolution fMRI study of the human hippocampus.

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Functional-Neuroanatomic correlates of Recollection: Implications for Models of Recognition Memory.

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